Beyond The Laces: A Story of Inspiration

Beyond The Laces Children’s Book

Beyond The Laces: A Story of Inspiration

When you think of children’s books, do you think of inspiration? Do you think about life? Most people will think about characters who go on adventures with their friends to find treasure, complete missions, and usually the book’s message makes you wonder how it ever got published. There aren’t many children’s books that hits the heart, tells a story of inspiration, life, and football, all rolled into on. Oh yeah, did I forget supported by some of the biggest names in professional sports. The books title that is described is “Beyond The Laces” and it’s touching hearts across the country.

The Backstory

Seven years after helping create and publish a critically-acclaimed children’s book with a baseball theme, Bob Salomon is back. Salomon and his team have released “Beyond the Laces” which uses the sport of football to send a message which will resonate with children and parents alike.


Bob is a retired New Jersey State corrections officer who lives in Howell N.J. with his wife and two children ages 15 and 11. He was the co-creator and driving force behind the movement centered around the award winning children’s book “A Glove of Their Own”. Written by three New Jersey mothers about underprivileged kids who play baseball despite not having even decent equipment.


They have to share what little they have and the feel-good story has a pay-it-forward angle to it. Many major league baseball players and officials endorsed it wholeheartedly, including Don Mattingly, Tommy John, Bernie Williams and many others.


Salomon and his team also donated money from every book sold to a variety of charities including those that help purchase baseball equipment for teams and leagues in need. Simply put it was a grand slam.


Salomon then worked on and authored his own children’s book titled “Beyond The Laces” that took several years, in association with Rick Young and illustrator Ken Jones. The plot centers on a sick young boy who loves football and has a favorite player who in the end lives up to the pedestal we put many pro athletes on. It’s about determination and faith and while written for children I’m sure many adults, especially parents will shed a tear along the way.


“Beyond the Laces” has been endorsed by many in professional sports including ex-NFLers Mark Brunell and Bill Bates along with ESPN baseball analyst Doug Glanville who said “Bob Salomon’s heartfelt stories have spawned an unstoppable movement through his charitable heart and unmatched passion to help children.” A portion of proceeds will benefit The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia because to Salomon it’s all about helping children and inspiring us all.


This one is a game-winning touchdown!

Major Thanks to CMYK Printing

Even though Salomon’s passion came through talking about “Beyond The Laces”, he could not stop praising the dedication and hard work of CMYK Printing. One of the CMYK partners, Charles Ambrogio met Salomon and immediately felt his passion and desire to help children. When Charles read the book, he told Salomon he was all in, and would help him in any way he could.

“Without Charles, there is no book, he is part of my team now! He is a piece of this project that was so needed and prayed for,” Salomon said. Without the finished product, I could not bring my message to families and make a difference. “I went to different printers, publishers, and pitched my vision, to no avail. Salomon put the complete book together, but needed the finishing touches and the book printed. In addition, he would need someone to donate several copies to help get the book and its message out. I know it was a long shot, but faith has gotten me this far and I was not quitting. Salomon’s drive and faith landed him his 1 in a million shot…CYMK Printing/Publishing.


CMYK donated over 650 copies. . . Salomon stated . . . words cannot explain the gratitude I have for Charles and CMYK. I meet a wonderful printer/publisher and more importantly, I found an amazing friend. The book continues to grow in popularity and is surly making a difference. In addition, CMYK Printing created an online order site for the book that can be accessed through Charles was able to create a place for Salomon to sell the book without having to worry about shipping, sales tax or inventory. “I am able to concentrate completely on get our message out to children and parents, without having to worry about shipping.” Salomon stated. “With CMYK’s Store Front we are able to minimize our cost, so we can donate more books and in the end that is our goal.”


Beyond the Laces is on sale on their website for $12.95, or you can donate a copy for $10.95. Not for Profit organization wanting to use the book as a fundraiser can also purchase books at a substantial discount. It also can be found on Amazon.