Top 10 Myths About The Printing Industry Debunked

Printing Industry Myths

The printing industry has been around for hundreds of years and has to successfully adapt to changes in technology. Despite hanging around for so long, many people believe that the printing industry is a detriment to the environment. To go along with this myth, there are nine other myths about the printing industry that we will debunk in a two-part series. We will begin with numbers 10-6.


10. Inability to Personalize Printed Material


One of the most common myths today, which has come about during the digital age, is that printed material cannot be personalized. Marketing materials can be personalized in a matter of keystrokes when using digital media. It is possible to personalize printed materials when you use variable printing. Variable printing allows you to keep everything on the document the same, including the logo and color scheme, but you can change the name of a customer, city or any other information.


9. Printed Material is Ineffective


Even though Internet marketing has exploded onto the scene, print marketing is still a viable option for companies to reach customers. The main reason here is that when browsing the Internet, there is an incredible amount of other content that can distract a customer from a targeted mailing. With a printed mailing, sent directly to a customer’s home or office, the company will secure more of their undivided attention.


8. Harmful to the Environment


A common and incorrect myth about the printing industry is that it is harmful to the environment. This cannot be further from the truth. All paper materials are recyclable. Even though discussions have centered on how companies can operate free of paper materials, printed material is still needed in a large portion of the business world. If you are concerned about harming the environment, but still need to use printed products, make sure you use paper stock made from already recycled paper.


7. Images Are Interchangeable from Digital to Print


Another popular myth about the printing industry is that images are interchangeable from digital media to printed products. This is definitely not true and can lead to distorted images and hurting your company’s brand. Logos made for the internet use a combination of red, green and blue hues. Logos made for printing use a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black hues. If you do not alter your logo prior to printing it, you could have branding issues.


6. Very Few Options


The printing industry has often been criticized for not offering enough options when it comes time to send a document to the printer. The fact of the matter is that there are millions of options when it comes to printing today and they keep getting better. You can print documents on different textured paper using almost any color combination you can think of in order to grab the attention of your customers. In fact, you might want to stay away from using standard colors when printing documents so your materials are not plain.
We have reached the midway point of our top 10 countdown debunking myths about the printing industry. In part two, we will feature myths involving electronic media compared to printing, printing large quantities and that all printers are the same. If your company is looking for an experienced printer, contact the staff at CMYK Printing at 1-201-458-1300 today to discuss your printing needs.