The Benefits of Interactive Print

Interactive Print

The original interactive communication medium is still going strong today. So, what is that interactive communication medium? That would be paper. As technology continues to evolve, so does paper and how it can be used. One of the most important parts of using paper is that it can help your company be successful with clients and improving your bottom line. Companies need to get their messages noticed as much as possible, especially when it comes to acquiring new clients and bringing in new business.


Interactive Print Helps Connect with Audience


Companies looking to connect with their audience should take a look at interactive print. Advertisements, newsletters, mailers and other communications need to have a personal message that strikes an emotional connection with your clients. The messages need to be clear, concise and easily understood, while also being viewed by clients and customers as different from your competition. At the same time, you also want your company to be remembered when customers are ready to purchase products or services.


Interactive Print Can Steer Clients to Digital Media


Printed mailings are still used today to steer clients to make purchases of products or services. In fact, a study conducted by Pitney Bowes found that people are 69 percent more likely to open a piece of mail that comes in an envelope that features color graphics on it. Because of this interactive print, the items mailed will help steer your target audience to digital media. Even though it is less expensive to put together an email marketing campaign, it is tougher to get those messages noticed because of spam filters. A targeted mailing can push your audience to a website easily.


Interactive Print is Creative


Interactive print can be much more creative than digital items such as email, newsletters and websites. Even though there are plenty of options to manipulate those items, paper can also be manipulated. Paper is such a broad canvas that allows companies to get a message out to their client-base and then move the client-base to make a purchase. For example, paper can be manipulated to have a window-shade or a pull-tab in order to animate a message or image that the reader can interact with when reading the document.


Interactive Print Can Use Specialty Inks


Another benefit of interactive print is that the documents can use specialty inks to make them really stand out from all other mailings. For example, you can print a document using UV-sensitive ink. A document such as this will only be visible when in the presence of natural light. Another option is printing a document that changes color when touched by a person’s hand. The ink used on this document is heat-sensitive. An even better printing option is using water-sensitive ink. The message printed on the document will only be visible when dipped in water or when the area is dampened.


There really are unlimited possibilities when using interactive printing to get your company’s message across to clients and customers today. Paper can be printed on using traditional features such as pull-tabs or new features such as video-in-print. To find out how interactive printing can work for your company, contact CMYK Printing today at 201-458-1300.