Foil Stamping Printing from CMYK

Foil stamping is a popular type of advanced printing, creating a shiny look on various products.

Thousands of companies are moving towards the advanced printing option of foil stamping for their products. The outcome of foil stamping creates a shiny look on the products and is quite eye-popping. The shiny design is created using heat, pressure and foil. It is also known as dry printing because there is zero ink used to print designs on products. Instead of ink, dyes and carved metal plates are used to create the design.

The Foil Stamping Process

So, how exactly does the foil stamping process work? It is a fairly simple process, involving a little bit of heat, the piece of foil and the metal plate. Basically, sculpted plate contacts the foil and a thin piece of the foil is then transferred onto the surface of the product. As the metal plate heats up, the foil begins to stick to the metal plate in the shape of the pre-determined design.

Types of Foil Stamping Printing

There are a handful of different foil stamping types available today, including flat foil stamping and peripheral foil stamping.

Flat Foil Stamping

Flat foil stamping is the most popular type of foil stamping because of its ease of use and affordability. Foil is moved to the product using a flat stamp that is typically made of metal. When the product is complete, the surface is slightly raised and there is no trace of the stamp on the reverse side of the product.

Peripheral Foil Stamping

Peripheral foil stamping is exactly that; the process of applying a design to the perimeter of the product. When this method is used, you are able to apply the design in 360 degrees for the entire product, no matter its shape.

Vertical Foil Stamping

Vertical foil stamping is the process of stamping designs onto products that are flat and those that have a cylindrical shape. If applying a design to a cylindrical shaped item, it can only be done in 90 degrees of the perimeter of the product.

Multi-Level Foil Stamping

Another common form of foil stamping is known as multi-level foil stamping, or sculpted foil stamping. This type of foil stamping is done with a die that has multiple levels. The outcome is a design that is raised in a distinct appearance. The dies sculpted for this foil stamping method are done so by hand and in brass. The results are usually superior to other types of foil stamping, which is what makes this method one of the most expensive.

Types of Foil Used in Foil Stamping

The various types of foil used in foil stamping include the following:


  • Gloss pigment foil paper: No metallic look, but a high gloss finish
  • Metallic foil paper: metal sheen with a shiny look
  • Holographic foil paper: Image with multiple dimensions
  • Matte pigment foil paper: Dull finish


Foil stamping printing is being used more often by companies because of the various design options available and the affordability of the flat foil stamping method. Contact CMYK Printing today at 201-458-1300 to discuss your next foil stamping printing job.