Digital Printing Has Taken the Industry by Storm

Digital Printing


Digital printing used to be the redheaded stepchild of the printing industry. Those times are well in the past with all of the technological advances in digital printing. Now, digital printing and offset printing are nearly equal in popularity and capabilities. This version of printing has done such a good job of playing catch-up that it is almost indistinguishable when compared to high-end offset printed items.

Biggest Types of Digital Printing

Two of the biggest types of digital printing that have made major improvements over the years are inkjet and toner based. Inkjet printing presses produce the image with the use of ultra-fine droplets on the paper at a high rate. Digital printing in the toner-based realm is known as electrophotography, or xerography or laser printing.

Digital Printing Brings Mass Customization

As digital printing continues to improve and change, mass customization becomes easier for companies of all kinds. You can now print almost anything you desire on almost any product or type of fabric or material.

Take, for example, a certain drink company that recently released a new marketing campaign. The drink company wanted the most popular first names in at least 20 companies printed on its product. The marketing campaign took off and consumers began purchasing the drink at incredible rates just so they could drink from a bottle with their name printed on it.

Some stores reported that customers would purchase entire shelves of the drink in an effort to find bottles with their names on it. The biggest success from this marketing campaign is the fact that the sales did not come from a price gimmick, but instead, but at full price because of what was printed on the product.

Digital Printing Improves Direct Mail Marketing

Even though many businesses offer paperless billing, notifications and other documents, direct mail marketing is still an effective way to get a message out to consumers. Multiple studies have found that direct mail marketing is still more effective than email marketing. Those same studies have found that printed material leads to higher levels of internet traffic and higher spending per transaction.

Digital printing has evolved so much that it now co-exists with the virtual world. Print items can drive people to the virtual world to purchase items or check out new content. In turn, the virtual world can lead consumers to personalized printed items that move communication back into the real world.

Why is Digital Printing Growing so Much?

Digital printing has been growing exponentially over the past decade and it continues to grow in popularity and capability as you read this post. There are quite a few reasons why digital printing has grown so fast over the years and they include the following:

  • Shorter lead time
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced proofing cost
  • Short run efficiencies
  • Variable Data Printing

As digital printing continues to evolve and improve, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to ask questions and request information by contacting CMYK Printing at 201-458-1300 or visit our website at