Bringing Back the Benefits of Direct Mail In a World Based on Social Media

Reasons why direct mail is important and should be used in conjunction with your social media.

Over the past couple of years, email and social media has taken the forefront as a marketing medium that allows for maximum reach with minimum investment. Social Media has revolutionized marketing within every industry. The most beneficial aspect of Social Media is that it allows companies to maintain a conversation with their customers, personalizing a customer’s experience. In addition, Social Media has allowed these companies to reach such a wide array of customers all at one time. Still, maintaining a healthy social media presence is no easy feat — businesses have to constantly write status updates, create new and improved ads, monitor likes and customer comments, and reply to those comments. Maintaining this ongoing relationship with your customers is a full-time job all in itself. With approximately 307 million users actively participating on Twitter and Facebook hosting more than 1 billion active users, it is no wonder companies are spending a majority of their time online.
The vast growth of Social Media has permanently changed the direct marketing terrain, especially when it comes to good ole’ snail mail. Contrary to popular belief, however, direct mail marketing can still be used as an advantageous form of conversing with consumers and should not be written off as a completely dead technique. In 2012, although email remained as the lead customer acquisition method, according to a survey conducted by Target Marketing Magazine, direct mail was second, with 69 percent of companies using direct mail for customer acquisition. According to the survey, direct mail delivered the strongest Return on Investment (ROI) for customer acquisition. For starters, direct mail is more versatile than it has ever been before. If you get creative, you can open the door to many more leads than could be achieved with social media alone.

1. Use Direct Mail to Introduce Yourself To New Customers

Posting to your social media and sending out direct mail are two widely different methods and thus can offer widely contrasting benefits, including connecting you and your business to completely different audiences or industries. Direct mail can be an opportunity to say hello to new customers who may not be searching for your product or service via the Internet. By sending out a direct mail to a particular region or zip code you can establish a relationship with new clients and direct those customers to your website and social media pages. Social Media can then solidify the relationship by offering a more personal conversation. For example, create a postcard with a QR Code that directly links to your website — but make sure to explain to potential new customers why they need to scan that QR Code!

2. Direct Mail Can Start a Conversation To Be Continued on Social Media Platforms

Direct mail can help bolster your social media presence by initiating a conversation related to your marketing campaign. Employing internet-based tactics with direct mail such as hashtags (#) and including links and icons on your direct marketing campaign can allow Twitter and Facebook users to converse about your product on these platforms.

3. Maintain Consumer Attention with Direct Mail

Maintaining a consumer’s attention is an extremely difficult thing for companies to do today as consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements from all angles — especially on the Internet. Companies are constantly tasked with developing new ways to compete for their customer’s attention every step of the way. Employing an integrated marketing approach that hits the consumers on all sides of the spectrum can keep them engaged. In addition, sending out a direct letter or postcard in the mail adds a touch and feel to your customer’s experience with your company that can imprint a deeper footprint in a consumer’s brain than your competitor who is sole employing indirect marketing techniques.

4. Social Media Can Help Promote Your Direct Marketing Initiative.

Social media can also be a way to promote your Direct Mail. By posting on your social media platforms about what your customers will get in their mailbox — whether a new promotion or special event — it will create an added level of anticipation and excitement to your overall campaign.

Whether your marketing is based on direct mail, social media, or a hybrid of the two, it is always important to measure where you stand. Remember to always set clear goals with your campaigns — for example, increasing followers on Twitter. By monitoring a marketing campaign’s direct influence on a tangible goal, you can see where and when you are gaining traction with customers. Today, antique items are becoming ‘hipster’ and ‘vintage’. Likewise, bring back and revolutionize mail by integrating direct mail with your social media campaign. You just may be surprised how well you can start new conversations about your product or service while also increasing your customer base.

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