An Overview of the Print Process

The overview of the print process is the first blog in a series of 3-part blogs about print topics for NJ, NY & CT businesses.

The print process is not as complicated as many people might think. In fact, its technology improved in the 1980s. The 1980s saw the first electronic typesetters arrive on scene and soon after image setters. Then, the prepress process evolved into an entirely digital procedure that did not put anything onto paper until the project was proofed or printed.


A major part of the prepress process is communicating with clients about what it is they want from their printing project. Clients will surely have questions about the printing process and so will you as a printer. Some of these questions can be answered by taking a tour of the client website and other printed materials the client has used in the past such as newsletters, pamphlets and direct mailers for their customers.

Another important part of the prepress process is determining how the project will move forward based on needs of the client, the deadline, their budget and what it is they are looking for in the final product. A smaller budget will result in straying away from the use of spot colors or metallic ink. A quick deadline will also mean that you will not be able to hold a photo shoot and will instead need to use stock photos for their project.

Once you hash out all of the details mentioned above, you can begin to create different drafts of what the client wants. When a draft has been approved, the focus of the project can shift to printing.


After the client has approved a design, it is time to move onto the printing of that design. Whether the client has asked for a pamphlet, a newsletter, a postcard, letterhead, or other type of product; the process can now take the next step. With the advance of technology since the 1980s, digital printing become more widely used, quicker turnaround on projects and improved quality since its inception.

Depending on the type of project being printed, you have multiple printing options from which to choose. Aside from digital printing, the other options for a project are offset printing, engraving and letterpress. The experienced staff at CMYK will be able to help you decide which printing method is the right choice for your project.

Post Press

Since we have touched on prepress and printing, there must be a third realm in the printing process right? Well, there is, and it is post press. Printing your project is not the end of the line. CMYK has a host of options for clients when it comes to post press.

CMYK has a full-service bindery that offers clients saddle stitching, spiral binding, wire-o, perfect binding, foil stamping and a variety of coatings. The post press portion of the printing process also involves folding. If you had a large number of newsletters or pamphlets printed, why sit around and fold them all yourself? The post press team at CMYK can do it for you.

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