Top 9 Reasons To Go Green

Going Green

Going green isn’t a movement that shows any sign of slowing down in today’s society. Going green is an opportunity for us, as humans, to give back to the environment and to keep our planet thriving. By switching to green printing, you are making a commitment to sustain our resources and join the effort to save our environment. Here at CMYK Printing, we believe that printing green is the smartest way to go. Let’s take a look at the top ten reasons why everyone should be using green printing and the advantages from doing so:


  1. Green Printing can be more competitive:

Printers often offer competitive pricing on projects that use recycled paper because it helps minimize waste. Everyone is always looking for ways to save money, going green is a great way to do so.


  1. Your clients respect green printing:

Today companies are looking to build relationships with organizations that take it upon themselves to be social responsibility. By showing that you care about the Earth and the environment you open the door for a growing market. By printing green, you are committing yourself to the sustainability of our resources and your clients will respect you for your stand.


  1. Your employees appreciate it:

Just like companies, employees are also looking for ways to minimize their carbon footprint on the Earth. Most employees are already taking steps towards a greener lifestyle such as carpooling to work and using green initiatives at home.


  1. Going green shows “Forward-thinking”:

Green initiatives are not a trendy fad or style that is sure to exit as quickly as it’s entered. Most businesses are turning towards green efforts and sustainability. Converting your business to green printing shows your company is taking proactive steps towards environmental responsibility.


  1. Printing results are enhanced:

When printing on recycled paper using soy-based inks, the printed projects tends to produce higher quality results that provide enhanced colors on the pages.


  1. Why wouldn’t you?

When green printing first started, we could understand the “it’s too expensive” excuse or the “quality isn’t the same” excuse but it’s 2015; there’s no reason not to. Pricing is competitive and the results are a high-end printed piece.


  1. It’s simple to do:

Traditional printing and green printing follow a very similar process when it comes to producing the printed material. The only difference is the materials that are used.


  1. The legal & tax advantages:

In some states like California, there has been a crackdown on the amount of emissions allowed by companies and their distribution of waste. Companies that comply with these standards have been known to see significant tax breaks. What business owner doesn’t want a tax break for simply switching the type of paper they use?


  1. You’re saving the planet:

Traditional printing and green printing have substantial differences in the effect that they have on our environment. Printing responsibly is good for our planet while also good for us because we have to live here!

Let us show you how easy and cost-effective it can be to switch over to green printing for your business. Contact us here at CMYK Printing and we can provide you a quote on your next marketing project. Feel free to call us at: 201-458-1300 or visit our website at