CMYK Printing’s Publishing Division brings to you the future of hybrid book publishing

CMYK PrintingCMYK offers you a cost effective way to bring your book to market, with our custom self-publishing service. Your intellectual property and copyright of your book is very valuable. CMYK affords you a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute your books while retaining 100% of the rights, profits, and control.

How do we do this . . . through our Custom Store Front!

CSF offers you:

  • Printing Services
  • Direct Sales on your website
  • Multi-point pricing
  • Inventory Control
  • Shipping
  • Credit Card Processing
  • And much more . . .

You should always retain all your rights. Make more money by setting your own retail and wholesale pricing plans. You receive 100% of profit from the sale of your book. And guess what? You are in complete control!

Beyond The Laces. CMYK PrintingBooks are available for both retail and wholesale distribution orders online, with our amazing Custom Store Front System, so your book can be ordered anytime from anywhere. It also including inventory control, shipping, credit card processing and sales tax collection. It does all this for you so you can do what’s most important to you . . .

  • Promote your work via social media. Tweet about it. Create a Facebook page. Join a Google+ community for book lovers.
  • Create an author website where readers can learn more about you and what you have written.
  • Set up a book signing.
  • Issue a press release.
  • Pitch a story on your book to local radio stations or newspapers.
  • Identify online publications that share or overlap with your target audience and see if you can publish an article or excerpt of your published work on their website or blog.

You’ve written, and have begun promoting your book, now it’s time to sell your book! Where do you begin? Amazon, EBay or Barnes & Noble? Sure, but that could cost you thousands of dollars. For example, if you sold 1,000 books for $20.00 per book, Amazon’s commissions and fees could add up to over $5,000. (Learn more about Amazon price comparison) Wouldn’t you rather have more of that money in your pocket?

That’s why CMYK Printing’s Publishing Division was created. It’s the one location all your customers can visit and order your book, you can keeping track of each and every book sale. This allows you to keep 100% of the profit. There’s a monthly fee of $95.00 for your Custom Store Front and that’s it. You retain all the sales revenue of the book and we collect and handle all the sales tax and shipping and handling fees. If you decide to use our credit card processing service, there is a 3% credit card service fee.
You pay for the book printing and a $95 monthly fee and that’s it – no surprise fees or percentages that eat away at your profits. When choosing a self-publishing company, make sure you know how they handle your profits. You don’t want to miss out on profits that you have earned.