Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Our Direct Mail Campaigns can help boost your response rates and increase your Return On Investment(ROI).

Digital printing enables marketers and businesses to develop highly targeted mailings and messaging. CMYK can help you determine the best approach to boost response rates and your ROI on direct mail campaigns.

We understand that cross-integration of communication platforms is key to driving conversions today. According to the Direct Mail Association:

  • 66 percent of marketers believe that data-driving marketing drives positive value to their company today, and 93 percent believe it will in the future;
  • 41 percent of marketers are seeing a positive ROI from data-related marketing expenditures.

So what does that mean for your direct mail printing and marketing? By incorporating print and digital media in your campaign in several ways, you can take your audience from the print piece to the internet to generate more leads and get a greater response rate.



QR (quick response) codes and PURLs (personalized URLs) provide excellent tracking and can turbo-charge your direct mail piece. QR codes on your print pieces bring readers to a specific landing page online with more information about your offer. A PURL allows readers to engage with your brand or company online, taking them from print to digital. These PURLs and landing pages are typically interactive and can be a powerful lead generation tool.

Have questions about these? Let’s talk.


Variable Data Printing

Want to create truly one-to-one marketing that speaks to your customers in a unique way? That’s what variable data printing does.

Variable data printing allows you to change specific elements or fields from one printed piece to another without disrupting the printing process. Pulling information from your database or an external file, CMYK can create personalized letters, brochures, postcards and more to enhance your customer relationship management program.

Harness the broad capabilities of digital print media to incentivize recipients, print highly customized offers, and speak to your customers in ways that generate conversions.


Asset and Data Management

You have a business to run and deadlines to meet, and there’s no time to waste hunting down production files and creative elements. Our data asset management (DAM) solution eliminates wasteful production delays by storing your digital files virtually, with easy access to them at any time.

Our DAM system is fully integrated with our production process and can grow along with your publishing needs. You’ll save time, money, and headaches and CMYK can better manage your printing content with your team.


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Target a zip code, reach every address in a neighborhood—put your direct mail piece in every mailbox in a specific area with Every Door Direct Mail.

Your EDDM piece can help you find new customers and build awareness of your company in your target area easily. There are no address lists or postal permits to buy. We’ll help you work with the postal service to get your direct mail piece where you want it, without needing to know addressees’ names or street addresses.